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Generation of Chatbot with GPT-3

Introducing Chat GPT Next Generation of Chatbot

Optimizing Language Models Dialogue for Business Conversation

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What is GPT ?

Generative Pre-trained
Transformer (GPT)

Generative Pre-trained Transformer or hereinafter referred to as GPT is a model from the field of Machine Learning developed by OpenAI. The way GPT works is predicting or generating word for word to complete a series of sentences from the Prompt instructed by the User.

GPT has now undergone several upgrades/enhancements, where now the default model is already using version GPT or commonly known as InstructGPT. This model is better at recognizing "instructions" or commands from the User than the previous model.

Penjelasan Mengenai GPT-3

Data Set GPT & API Access

More Than 750GB Data

In order to be able to generate words and understand their context in natural human language, GPT is trained using a data set in the form of a very large text. The estimated size of the data used is ~750GB which is adapted from Common Crawl, Wikipedia, various collections of books, journals, and other Internet references.

API Access
The way it works so that we can use this prompting feature can only be accessed via the API endpoint that has been provided by the developer (OpenAI). Because GPT is no longer open-source and imposes pricing on the use of the model.

GPT consists of 4 model choices, where for the Chatbot case the model used is the highest class named Davinci.

Data Set GPT-3 & API Access

New Product Advantage

Smart, Natural and Fast Response

By combining Botika current design of the Chatbot system, Rule-based Technology, NLP Intent Classification with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) So that it will produce dialogue through chatbots that are more natural, accurate and fast response for business conversations.

Kelebihan dari Kombinasi Botika dan GPT-3

New Product Advantage

Super Chatbotika with GPT
  • Understanding Conversation Flow and Remembering Previous Conversations.
  • Understanding the Context of Complex User Sentences.
  • Support Multi Language.
  • Able to Complete Multiple Text-Related Tasks (NLP).
  • Able to create complex journey user systems.
  • Able to access external API data, OCR, STT, TTS ,etc.
  • The system can remember user-related variables such as name, mop id.
  • Allows escalated to omnichannel.
  • The system can be connected to multichannel.
Kelebihan dari Kombinasi Botika dan GPT-3


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